Term 2 Wordle Reflection

Wordle: Nelson Tim Term 2

This term our main focus was Myths and legends. We did heaps of things on it like our Independent keynote that we did about some mythical beasts like the Cyclops and Griffin. For our winter sports it got canceled for the third or fourth time in a row. Camp: On Camp we went kayaking. After we were kayaking we were putting the kayaks away Oscar came up the ramp and Martin rammed into him and he fell in the pond splodge. When he got out he was soaking wet. We also did some Maori art. When we made it we had to draw the animal with the pictures in the Maori book. Once we we had done all the lines in the background we could start coloring. Then when we were finished we had to write a little poem about our animal Tim’s one was a wild dog and Nelson’s one was a Lizard.