P.M.I Holidays


  1. Going to the movies to see Johnny English Reborn and Spy Kids 4D
  2. I went to lone star
  3. Could have a turn on the computer at Taupo
  4. Coming home from Taupo
  5. Having my birthday in the school holidays


  1. Going to Taupo
  2. Having a really short time in Rotorua
  3. The holiday was really short
  4. Getting up really early on my birthday ( 1:30am )
  5. Having a short time at my Auntie and Uncle with my cousin


  1. The All Blacks won the R.W.C 2011
  2. I had my birthday in the school holidays
  3. Going to lone star for my birthday
  4. Having Monday as part of the school holidays
  5. New Zealand beat Australia in the semi finals


Student Review

1#Did you achieve your goals this term?:
my goals this term were:
1# To get into the top maths group -I did not achieve this goal.
2# I Have to have all of the things on my blog that Stephen tells me to put on- I got close to this one. I only missed it with one or two things that forgot to put on my blog.
3# Get 1st or 2nd in the digi awards- NOT even close to that one -I didn’t even get a nomination for it.

2#Highlights for this term are?:
Production, REALLY FUN MATHS!!!!!!!!, Flags with Lou’s class.

3#Your performance in the production was?:
Fantastic I think I did a really good job in the back row the night was the BEST!

4#Confidence, Creativity, Respect and Time management How did you go?:
I think I am doing this much better than last term my time management is improving.

5#In Term 4 I’m looking forward to?:
I’m looking forward to digging up the time capsule having a water fight and a lot more.

Production Recount

Yesterday was the last practise at the Regent Theatre in Plameston North. Our production was called Russell Street Coming Home. When we arrived, we went through the back door on King Street. We took a seat and watched all of the classes` last practise with their buddy class. At last it was our turn. We went up to the side of the stage and got ready. It was our buddies first with their Kiwiana stuff. They acted out having lunch, riding bikes, playing on the beach and watching rugby. After they had done their part, we got ready with our rugby bit. We acted out part of the opening ceremony of the R.W.C. I was a rugby player. We acted out a pretend rugby game with different moves. We wore black pants and rugby jerseys. The production started at 7pm and ended at 8:30pm ( went for an hour and a half ). The theatre was packed to capacity. After our dance we got lots of applause.

Back stage it was sooooo boring but I was excited. When the all the dances and songs were finished, we gathered all our stuff and told a teacher that we have found our mum and dad. When I got home I was sooooo tired. It was nine o’clock (which isin’t very late) and we got ready for bed. The next morning quite a few students weren’t at school. I’m still very tired.

All Blacks Art


Here is a slide show of all of the All Black art.

Here are some facts about my  All black  Israel Dagg


1Full name Israel Dagg

2 Date of birth 6 June 1988 (1988-06-06) (age 23)Place of birth Marton, New Zealand

3 Height  1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)

4 School   Lindisfarne College

5 Position  Fullback/Wing/First-Five

6 He is of Maori descent, on his mother’s side.

7 He plays for the Crusaders in the Super 15 and the All Blacks.

8 in April 2006  he became the first secondary school player to be selected for Hawke’s Bay since Danny Lee.

9 Weight 95 kg (14 st 13 lb)

10 Israel Dagg scored the first try of the Rugby World Cup 2011 in the first half of the opening game, and added a second before half time against Tonga.

Auckland Skyline

WALT: This is my Auckland skyline. I was learning to combine panting,coloring,etching,drawing to produce a magnificent piece of art.

How I made it: First Stephen gave us each a piece of paper. I had to find a good picture of Auckland with the Sky Tower in it and draw the outline of it. Once we had done that, we showed Stephen what we had done and he said we had to either  restart or we could cut out the windows and our buildings. Then we had to glue  another piece of paper on the back and we colour it in. Then we painted the top half dark blue and the bottom half light blue.  Lastly we  folded the buildings down and  we etched the buildings out. We put yellow paper on the back of the buildings.